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I have been a supporter of alternative ways for self-care for quite some time. I know the benefits are sometimes better than western medicine.  Listen to the special episode on Red Light Therapy. There are many benefits of using Red Light Therapy which include improved circulation, reduced inflammation, reduced pain, hair growth, skin health and improved recovery of the body.  Red light therapy is the fasted and safest way to reduce cellulite and sun damage that you can get. 

I have found The Biomax Series to be the best in the industry, which is why I chose this specific model. It has a control panel on the side that allows you to select a timer count down as well as to use Red Light, Near-Infrared Light or both wavelengths simultaneously. 

Although Red Light Therapy is safe and I have not found any side effects in my research, it is always recommended to use eye protective goggles or protective glasses from the Red Light. Reputable manufactures of Red Light panels will normally provide eye protection with the purchase of the panels. 

Red light therapy is a method of cleansing the body of toxins without putting any effort into it. Photobiomodulation has been around for decades, but red light therapy was only created in the 80’s. Light wavelengths are known to interact with the human body to improve its overall condition

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According to Wikipedia, red light therapy is a form of light therapy that uses low intensity near-infrared light to activate a biological process in a living organism. According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Medical Science and Informatics, a series of experiments with mice suggests that red light can stimulate genes responsible for regulating metabolism, which may lead to weight loss. 

The basic concept is the application of red light to the skin directly, so that the skin absorbs the light and re-emits it to the skin through the skin’s surface. The skin cells in turn use the energy from the light to fuel cellular metabolism and promote tissue repair. RLLT is used across a variety of skin ailments, from acne to wrinkles, pigmentation to scars, stretch marks to hyperpigmentation. The amount of time you are exposed to the red light is key, as is the strength of the light being emitted.

Red light therapy is one of the fastest growing forms of light therapy. There are many types of light therapy used to treat many different conditions, but red light therapy is one of the most effective types of light therapy to use right now. Red light is really good for stimulating your body’s natural processes.  Red light has been shown to jumpstart the healing process, allowing the body to naturally repair injuries, eliminate toxins, and inhibit the effects of aging.  This means that red light therapy is also one of the best ways to help decrease the signs of aging.

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