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A Passion for Life & Inspiring Others

Mahlia’s passion is to inspire others and share the knowledge that she has acquired over her lifetime. She is a student of life and curious about everything.  This curiosity is what drives her to succeed.

Mahlia continues to pursue her dreams as a writer and  creator. She continues to  share her positive outlook in life through her podcast and her written articles. She has hosted and produced multiple podcasts. Mahlia is currently the Producer and Host of  the podcast Live Your Luxe Life. 

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Mahlia lives her life and relationships leading with love. She has traveled around the world. Having  experienced living in and visiting different countries, she appreciates change. She has met many different people from different cultures in her lifetime. She has a career backround working in Investing and Finance.  She has worked with the most discerning business professionals including athletes. She has always had a passion helping others on a personal level.  When consulting with different clients and personalities, each person requires personalized one on one service and attention. Her professional experience has prepared her to gravitate toward building her platform today. 

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