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Monday’s announcement that Twitter has accepted Elon Musk’s offer to buy it’s platform for about $46.5 billion was a shock, however, expected based on the purchase amount. What does this mean for Twitter users is yet to be determined. Will there be any major changes to the platform in allowing for more free speech regardless of how negative or harassing the posts may be?  

The shareholder’s will be paid out for their shares in the company if Twitter is sold. Twitter’s current stock price as of today last I checked is $51.70. It appears that once the deal is finalized all shareholders will receive $54.20 per share and Twitter is no longer a publicly traded company and will now go Private.

Elon recently mentioned that Twitters algorithm should be made public. Will he follow through with this thought into an industry standard for all social media platforms. Wouldn’t we love to know how Instagram and others work in getting discovered as a user? It’s possible that Elon does much of nothing to make changes to the platform. All we can predict is that time will tell. 

We do not know what Elon’s plans are to completely turn the platform upside down or to keep it the same.  Will all the employees still remain on board in their full capacity? These are questions that we all have.  I predict the phrase Elon Musk to buy twitter will be the biggest tech news in the year 2022. What started off as a joke, thought by most, ended up being one of the biggest deals in history. Not for the price tag but for one of the largest social media platforms being taken over by the Tech guy who owns Tesla.

If you can remember Elon Musk closed his Instagram account in 2018 citing it was unhealthy looking at misrepresented lives of other people. Stating that people never post their worst days on social media, only their best. Giving a false narrative of what someone’s real life is really like. I definitely agree with this statement. Social media has become known as only your best days to show to the world. 

Elon Musk has stated that he believes in free speech even from his worst critics. So does this mean that the many people that were banned for life from twitter for violating the platforms terms and conditions will get their accounts back? This is of high debate and for good reason. Free speech also does not mean that it is ok to destroy someone else life or mental wellness just so that one person can be provocative enough to make headlines. Disagreements on topics is healthy and encouraged to open the door to change and different outlooks, just not in a bullying manner. 

With no other bidders and Twitter seemingly making the best decision for its shareholders and platform, it appears the deal is almost but signed with pen. 

I’m sure Elon will update us in his next tweet!



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